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David Mallory Barnett was born in London, England. He worked as a Science Student Assistant at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell for six months before going up to Cambridge in 1973. The University awarded him a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in June 1976 and a Master of Arts degree in January 1980.

In October 1977 he entered the graduate program at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, from which he received the Master of Science degree in 1987 for his work on Analysis of the factors determining the strength of enzyme-inhibitor interactions.

From 1981 to 1983 he developed educational materials and classroom computer networks for ORT in London, and from 1983 to 1987 he worked as a consultant to various high technology companies in Cambridge, England, including Acorn Computer, Topexpress, and Hybrid Technology. He created several commercial products (including a computer shadow memory invention), and contributed to the market readiness of many more.

In August 1987 he entered the Graduate School of the University of Texas where, from spring 1988 to spring 1989, he taught the Waves and Optics lab course for the department of physics. In the Summer of 1988 he worked on the Voltage controlled Electron Beam project at M.C.C. in Austin.

As guest of the Japanese Government in 1993, he was visiting scientist to J.A.E.R.I. in Tokai-Mura, and Osaka University.

In 1995 the University of Texas at Austin awarded him the degree of  Doctor of Philiosophy for a dissertation entitled, Lyapunov Exponents of Many Body Systems. The dissertation was nominated by the physics department for the university's Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation 1994-5 award.

Dr. Barnett has been invited to give professional seminars at Osaka University in Japan, the University of Texas at Austin, Bar Ilan University in Israel, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is also an affiliate of Institute for Advanced Physics in Colorado, and his lecture entitled, The Arrow of Time, was the first in the IAP public lecture series. Dr. Barnett is passionate about explaining scientific ideas and has contributed to New Scientist magazine.

In addition to his scientific research and consultancy, he is working on a solution to clarity problems in hearing aids, and other inventions. Dr. Barnett helped to found Renewed Life Homes, Inc and  EPC Services,Inc which became the largest providers of half-way housing to people recovering from substance abuse in Austin, Texas. He was a director from 1996 to 2001 and maintains an active interest in this area.

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