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Physicists care what something is not what you call it.

Do you have a difficult problem? An analogous one may be solved already. Physicists are good at using knowledge from one field to inform another.

Trying to sort fact from hype? Ask a physicist.

Does the text book say something is impossible? A physicist may know the loophole.

I am a multidisciplinary scientist:- physicist, lecturer, inventor and computer consultant with 30 years computer experience.

I have a continuing interest in the promotion of science and technology education. For example, I gave the inaugural talk in Denver, Colorado, of the Public Lecture Series of the Institute for Advanced Physics, with an illustrated presentation on The Arrow of Time; and have writtten answers for the Last word Column of New Scientist ,

I earned a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Texas for a dissertation titled Lyapunov Exponents of Many Body Systems. The topic is related to chaos theory.

At the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel I earned an M.Sc. in chemistry, working on A Theoretical Investigation into the Factors Contributing to the Binding of Inhibitors to Enzymes.

Cambridge University awarded me B.A.Hon. & M.A. in Natural Sciences for a dissertation titled, Dispersion Relations and the Optical Properties of Solids.

As a research and development consultant, I contributed to the hardware design of the Music 5000 music synthesiser from Hybrid Technology Ltd., designed and implemented a real-time computer music language called AMPLE, and patented a computer memory innovation. I also wrote software products for Acorn Computer PLC.

For ORT I wrote educational materials, conducted teacher training seminars and created classroom computer networks.

For Renewed Life Homes I developed a relational database and local area network.

I am a member of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, and the American Physical Society, and an affiliate of the Institute for Advanced Physics in Colorado.

My interests include flying, music, writing, history, the philosophy and ethics of individual liberty, Israel and judaism.

For more details see my Resumé or my Vita.


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